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Useful links to learn R & Python, tips & tricks

by Jan 19, 2022

A list of links on how to learn R & Python, tips to improve your coding skills, ways to get help, and get the latest news

We will continue to add to this list of useful R related links.  If you would like to add an R or Python related link that you think others learning coding or conducting ecological research would appreciate, please send it to

 Latest developemnts

A new package has come out to help control versions and dependencies in your projects.  Check out renv

Some interesting developments in R last year

R-bloggers has daily posts related to R

For those new to programming in R

Data analysis and visualization in R for ecologists

Introduction to R

Some great examples of generating species distribution models in R

Great source of latest R news and tutorials

For those new to programming in Python

Data Analysis and Visualization in Python for Ecologists

Introduction to Python

Species distribution model in Python – random forest example

Python News & help

A search on Stack Overflow or StackExchange will often give useful answers to your coding questions

Stack Overflow

Stack Exchange


More introductory material, tips & tricks

Book on fundamentals of data visualization

Introduction to R (some like this one)

Another introduction to R

Introduction to R video

R YouTube videos

Getting started with R – Princeton

More introductory material

R introductions

A variety of tips and tricks in R

More tips and tricks in R

Nice introduction to R Shiny

Latest reshaping data tutorial

Data cubes in R


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