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Educational Material

3. Get Started with R

An introduction to R for participants with no experience programming in R.

Based on this module:

In this module we show you how you can use R to manipulate your data.

  • 0:00 How to open R on a high performance computer in the cloud
  • 2:10 Setting up your working directory
  • 4:30 Download files and read in csv. files
  • 7:30 Selecting columns and filtering rows
  • 9:38 Using the pipe operator
  • 14:52 Using mutate to create new columns based on existing ones
  • 22:24 Summarise and group_by function
  • 37:50 Exporting csv.files

Find the R script here

In this second module of R for ecologists we show you how to visualize your data using the package ggplot2.

  • Skip to 7:18 if you have watched the first module. 
  • 0:00 – Setting up working directory and recap on module 1
  • 7:18 – Start with ggplot2

You can find the R script here

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