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Our partners

EcoCommons would not be possible without the support, strengths and expertise of our partners. EcoCommons is a partnership between the NCRIS-funded ARDC and nine organisations.

  • Australian Research Data Commons
  • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy
  • EcoCommons Australia received investment ( from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

Our partners are strategically aligned with our vision and mission and support us in the following ways:

Trusted datasets

We integrate data from specialised data providers and aggregators, like the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), TERN, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Land and Water to give our users access to trusted datasets, and with the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) to publish results through Research Data Australia.

Peer-reviewed scientific workflows

We leverage the expert knowledge of universities and organisations, including Griffith University, Macquarie University, The University of NSW Sydney, the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) at The University of Melbourne (UoM), and the CSIRO Land & Water to build scientific workflows based on peer-reviewed science;

Integrated research information

We use the national information infrastructure provided by the ARDC to connect people, grants, projects, vocabularies, datasets and publications for enhanced discovery and research integrity; 

Best practice technology & cloud infrastructure

We employ best practice technology and cloud infrastructure from the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud in collaboration with the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) to design and evolve our platform ensuring it is reliable, accessible and secure, and can grow with research demand; and

Digital literacy

The EcoCommons platform will expose growing numbers of users to powerful modelling tools in both point and click and coding environments.  The EcoCommons team will continue to deliver workshops, post videos, writte articles and share other tips to help users learn.

Learn how our team, governance groups and collaborations are also supporting EcoCommons to become the platform of choice for ecological and environmental modelling.

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